A new-generation physiotherapeutic apparatus which is practically an effective combination of several physiotherapeutic apparatuses in one. The apparatus is portable, easy-to-use, safe and secure.
A know-how of “Magnomed” is an “AquaSPOK” apparatus of aquamagnetotherapy. Aquamagnetotherapy is a new direction of physiotherapy based on a simultaneous use of magnetotherapy and aquatherapy for the medical and prophylactic purposes. To create a patented exclusive method of the “AquaSPOK” aquamagnetotherapeutic apparatus were used high-efficiency therapeutic technologies of a series of “SPOK” apparatuses based on the use of pulse low-frequency magnetotherapy as well as existing advanced methods of aquatherapy: hydromagnetotherapy and balneotherapy. At the root of physiological and therapeutic effects of aquamagnetotherapy lies magnetohydrodynamic activation of solutions and fluids subjected to the effect of low-frequency fields that leads to the change of qualitative parameters of the latter. Magnetohydrodynamic forces in such fluids cause physico-chemical reactions enabling to make an effective influence on metabolic and exchange reactions in vivo, stimulate immunity, improve mechanisms of blood circulation control, activate general health improving and adaptive protective physiological processes in the human body. At the same time fluids are also satisfactory conductors of electromagnetic fields, the use thereof as a conduction medium allows qualitative enhancing physiological and therapeutic effects of pulse low-frequency magnetotherapy. The original design of the “AquaSPOK” apparatus consists of an electronic unit and inductors installed in the body of aquamagnetic baths. Aquamagnetotherapeutic methods allow acting upon not only the whole water solution volume and the human body in general but also particular body regions and areas. The original design of an aquamagnetotherapeutic “AquaSPOK” complex enables control of a number of parameters: selection of solutions for magnetic action (phytoextracts, mineral waters, and soluble formulations), selection of optimal temperature conditions as well as parameters of low-frequency pulse magnetotherapy (pulse shape, frequency, effect power, and time for one treatment procedure). A high-efficiency combination of physiotherapeutic parameters, a wide range of therapeutic indications to the use of aquamagnetotherapy for the treatment, prophylaxis, and rehabilitation of various pathological conditions as well as a stimulating effect thereof on the human body make “AquaSPOK” a unique unparalleled apparatus in the world.
The “OrthoSPOK” low-frequency magnetic field substantially acts upon the rate of biochemical reactions that makes a positive influence on the tonus of the vessel wall, improves blood properties, facilitates infiltrate resolution and anagenesis enhancement.   Low-frequency magnetotherapy is used for hemodynamic adjustment during septic shock, in case of acute lung injury syndrome during septic shock according to the following scheme.   The use of the “NeuroSPOK” inductor enables reduction of treatment periods as well as an increase in movement amplitude in hip joints and strengthening ligaments and joints.   A unique structure of the IAMI inductor 1 enables gentle, local and purposeful action upon prostate that guarantees the specificity of a therapeutic effect.   In the treatment with IAMI 4, IAMI 7 and IAMI 5 inductors the significant improvement of a feeling of well-being has been observed in patients having ischemic heart disease.